Today in OpenGov: What the Trump administration means for open government

TRANSITIONING TO TRUMP: On Election Day, Americans voted for Donald Trump to be the 45th President of the United States. When it comes to what happens next for open government, while we have much to learn, we also have a decade of experience speaking truth to power about how a democracy of, by and for the people should work in the digital age. This week, we looked at what a Trump administration means for transparency and accountability in the digital age and posed questions about what comes next open government. [READ MORE]

Q&A: This month, Wired Italia published an extensive feature exploring open government and freedom of information under the Obama administration. Wired Italia asked Sunlight for answers on a series of questions about open government, which we’ve provided in full on our blog. [READ MORE]

FAREWELL: Sunlight Labs officially closed down today. Huge thanks to Director Kat Duffy and Bill Hunt  for their incredible work, wit and collaboration. We’re going to miss them. A lot. You might have read their signoff on Twitter, but we wanted to make sure you read it all here, too:

“We’re closing Labs today. Expect a blog post in coming days, but here’s a tweetstorm to guide you till then! We’ve completed transfers and killed our servers. Some things will break. Adopting organizations are working hard to keep things running. To support the transferred tools, give patience, love, help, $$$ to @ProPublica @openstates @OpenSecretsDC @MarshallProj LIICornell. Sunlight’s @IFTTT channel has 30k users & its recipes have been run 9 million times. Those recipes will all break with the API transfers. We’re happy to announce that @IFTTT will work with adopting orgs to restore/rebuild recipes in a new SUNSHINE channel! Sunlight’s work inspired this channel, but now we have one place to host the opengov transparency accountability recipes from community. We’re connecting IFTTT to those orgs, others in space. If you want to build #opengov #transparency recipes, email Collaboration = awesome. This community, work matters more than ever. Please grow, learn, listen, expand, iterate. Build with, not for. What Labs built and helped inspire will live on. We love you all. Peace out. –Kat and Bill

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