Today in OpenGov: Why tax returns are a big deal

DISCLOSE: Richard Skinner and Melissa Yeager explained why tax returns are a big deal: [READ MORE]

The Sunlight Foundation has urged Congress to require presidential candidates to disclose their tax returns. We believe tax returns, when considered in conjunction with financial disclosure forms, help paint a fuller picture of the candidate’s financial dealings. It’s a snapshot of their financial positions and interests. For more than four decades, presidential candidates have seemed to agree with our perspective, and every candidate since Carter has released tax returns voluntarily to the public.


  • DEMOCRATS DEVASTATED BY HACK, AGAIN: The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee was hacked, in addition to the DNC, and most likely from a phishing attack. [Politico]
  • POPULAR PARTIES: The RNC edged out the DNC on Facebook, with 27.9 million people talking about the Republican convention compared to just 27 million for the Democratic convention. [The Hill]
  • KILLING CORPORATE INTERESTS?: During Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech at the DNC, the presidential nominee emphasized her promise to overturn the infamous Citizens United decision. [Los Angeles Times]


  • FEDS GET A LYFT:The GSA clarifies its stance to reimburse federal employees for ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft [GSA]
  • SNOWDEN JOB NSA leaker Edward Snowden calls the organization's “hostility to even modest curation...a mistake.” We agree. [New York Times] [Politico]
  • FED UP WITH FOIA?: Some government contractors worry their time will be stretched too thin with new FOIA laws mandating new appeal rights for those whose requests are denied. [Federal News Radio]
  • DATA GURU DEPARTS COMMERCE: Tyrone Grandison, the Department of Commerce’s deputy chief data officer, is leaving one year after he joined the agency. [Medium]
  • IRS CHIEF IRKS JOB PROSPECTS: "If this is the signal we are sending to people thinking about coming to take a senior position in government, it's going to make it harder for good people to come in," IRS commissioner John Koskinen said, referring to his treatment in congress. [Gov Exec]
  • COMMENT ONE, COMMENT ALL: An EPA pilot is among the first agencies to allow for public comments instead of feedback limited to emails. [Next Gov]
  • AUGUST AGENDA? ACCESSIBILITY: The FCC will tackle internet accessibility and potentially inmate calling services – but no word on other hot button issues such as net neutrality. [The Hill]

State And local

  • ANGRY BIRDS, ANGRY PARENTS: California courts say Facebook must refund in-app purchases and games bought by children – should their parents request it. [Guardian


  • CLOSED BORDERS, CLOSED DATA?: “What does Brexit mean for open data in the UK?” [Guardian]

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